The bottled tears of third world orphans

We needed drinking water for a camping trip out in the wilds. At the supermarket, the cheapest option (24 bottles for a couple of quid) was Nestle Pure Life natural spring water. As we lobbed a crate into the trolley, I speculated that the reason the water was so cheap was that Nestle make it using the tears of third world orphans. Given their track record with formula baby milk, this wouldn't be entirely surprising.

Disappointingly, however, it seems the price may just reflect a stock giveaway. A statement on Nestle's Pure Life website states that the company has "discontinued the spring water product so we can bring you a great tasting water utilizing a state-of-the-art process called reverse osmosis". What this actually means is "we can't be arsed harvesting orphan tears any more, so we're going to collect our customers' piss instead, filter it a bit, then sell it back to them with fancy science words. Kerching!"

Just stick with tap water, kids!