Civil dis-OBE-dience

I'm too proud of my top-quality punnage today not to share this little story with you...

This morning's news featured David Cameron explaining that Gary Barlow's* alleged tax avoidance did not require him to return his OBE, though he did state that he was opposed to all 'aggressive tax avoidance'.

The ribbon of a civil member of the OBE.

Which led comedian Dave Gorman to tweet:

I know it's boring but if Cameron's saying tax avoidance is wrong it's worth a reminder on how his family made money:

Which led me to discover that, apparently, David Cameron's father Ian built up his fortune thanks to a network of legal offshore funds in Panama and Geneva. The fund was known as Blairmore, after the stately family home in Aberdeenshire, where Ian Cameron was born.

Which, given my Aberdonian history, led me to wonder where exactly in Aberdeenshire Blairmore House was. And the answer turned out to be the village of Glass, near Huntly.

Soon turned out, it had a Haugh of Glass.

So, in summary...

Take That! Why PMs from Glass houses shouldn't throw tax-avoiding stones.

Thank you very much.

*based on my eventual headline, it is of course a pity the pop star in question wasn't Mick Jagger.