Raiders of the Lochbrow!

Coming to a cornfield near you!

An archaeological adventure you will not want to miss!

Mud, swearing, and a staggering number of bamboo sticks, in atrocious weather conditions!

Hen 'Resistance Is Futile' Goodchild
Kirsty 'I Saw It From The Air' Millican
Dottie 'Don't Call Me Indy, I'm From Texas' Graves

It's the guaranteed blockbuster smash of the Neolithic!

Also featuring:
Liam "I Am A Palaeontologist!" Herringshaw
Giles 'I Use The Force (and local knowledge)' Carey
Robyn 'A Tall Auger' Inglis
And a cast of thousands of intrepid volunteers:
Get on with it!
With special guest appearances from:
Mark Addy!
Van Diesel!
...and Bartington Bartington!

(With Jack "The Golden Bear" Nicklaus, as Specialist Golf Consultant to Bartington Bartington.)

So don't wait, or hesitate! Book your ticket for the archaeological show of a lifetime!

The best seat in the house.


**** "Top archaeology" The Lockerbie Trumpet

***** "Tremendously exciting" The Dumfries & Galloway Deliverer

* "Absolutely unpublishable" Journal of Archaeological Science