The I in cricket

This is my 20th season of club cricket and I'm still no good at the game.  Yesterday, playing for Ovington against Fulfordgate, I scored nothing batting at no. 9, dropped the easiest catch in the history of cricket, made a couple of other basic fielding errors, and didn't bowl.  Thankfully, despite my efforts, we still managed to win.

Mine was even more straightforward than this one.

You'd think by now I'd be good at something, but I've forgotten how to bowl, never really known how to bat, and my fielding lurches from the decent to the desperate without explanation.  The only thing I can do well is man the scorebook.

The camera often lies.

I really enjoy playing for Ovington - we've a great bunch of lads, whatever the opposition might sometimes claim - and I'm regularly reminded by them of my 'free-scoring' knock a couple of seasons ago.  Trouble is, one can only live off past glories for so long.  Eventually they become anomalies.

I'm not someone to stay in a bad mood for long.  I also realize that one bad week doesn't ruin a season.  But if I don't start contributing soon, I think it might be time to take up tennis.