New York City Cops

I was waiting for a bus on Monday when I saw this image festooned across the side of another bus:

Safer York 2012 Auto Crime campaign - bus ad.

I was puzzled.  Car thieves might well break into a vehicle and steal its contents, and losing more than just the SatNav would be annoying, but are the citizens of York really worried about having their crisps pilfered?

What data have the Safer York ad campaign managers based these advertizing keywords on?  Has North Yorkshire recently had a spate of vehicular thefts of fountain pens, steam mops, and Moses baskets, or have the local police force been reading too many Agatha Christie books?  I'm glad I voted in the recent police commissioner elections: it seems like there are some important issues to be resolved.

The New York City Police Commissioners, pondering fountain pen theft.

Alternatively, the list of items might just reflect the fact that York is the most middle-class city in Northern Britain.