If I say go ogle, I mean go ogle

Dear Google,

When I type some words into your search engine, I wish you to search for those terms. I do not wish you to predict what you think I am searching for, and present those results instead.

If I have typed in 'Haikou haiku' it is because there is a Chinese fossil-rich town called Haikou and I am interested to know if any haiku have been written about it. I do not expect to have to 'Search instead for haikou haiku'.

Similarly, if I have typed in 'semaphoront coding' it is because I heard someone use it in a talk at PalAss 2012 in Dublin and hadn't the faintest idea what it meant.  I do not want to know about semaphore coding.

Lima in semaphore code.

I could give numerous other examples, but I can't be bothered.  I am so fed up with your presumptiousness and your auto-correction (not to mention your tax avoidance) that I am going to switch to another search engine.  I am informed that Duck Duck Go is worth a try.

I recognize this is a token gesture, since you own this very site where I am blogging, but never let it be said I don't make hollow gestures for the right reasons.

Yours searchingly,
Disgruntled of North Yorkshire