Bonfire Night, 1982

I loved November the 5th when I was a boy.  My school book from 1982 reveals as much:

A tall man with an arrow hat lights a bonfire with a lollipop.

In case you can't decipher my 5 year-old's handwriting, it says:

Tommorow it's bonfire night I have got some sparklers I have got some fireworks at home I am not haveing a bonfire in my garden I like bonfire night becose I like the rockets that fly in the air last bonfire night my daddy took me and my brother outside my house I think bonfire night is nice I think my grandma and grandpa are comeing over to my house my daddy has got some standed fireworks.

I was also an obsessive infant taxonomist and used to get very ANNOYED if I wasn't allowed to go and collect all the dead fireworks the next morning and write down what they were called.  It can be no surprise I became a palaeontologist (though perhaps I should have worked in this area of research).

Luckily, in 1982, I was evidently allowed to keep my records:

I was probably not standing that close to the fireworks, but health and safety was more relaxed in the 1980s

On friday I went outside I was wearing my splash suit I had 4 sparklers my brother and me and dad watched the[m] this is what I had Catherine Wheel Tornado Roman Candles Niagara Magic Circle Diamond Cascade Animated Fountian

And no, I'm afraid I'm not sure what a splash suit is either.