30 years ago today: Keegan double thwarts Lineker's Leicester

13th November 1982
Leicester City 2-2 Newcastle United

"On Saturday Leicester played Newcastle. At Half time it was 1-1 the scorers where Kevin Keegan and Gary Lineker then in the second half Ian Wilson scored a goal and made it 2-1 then Kevin Keegan scored another Goal at the end of the game and made it 2-2"

Star striker Gary Lineker nets for Leicester.

I'm sure you will agree that this is a top-notch match report, which I wrote exactly 30 years ago this week.  In the interests of fairness, I should point out that my reporting skills were not entirely accurate: according to this report, the Leicester goalscorers were actually Gary Lineker and Tommy English.  Still, my junior journalism is comfortably better than anything you get in Metro these days.

Equally unarguable is the accuracy of my quite simply brilliant* pictures of Messrs Lineker and Keegan.  Gary's iconic red legs and Kevin's famous fiery fingers are captured perfectly.  If you don't believe me, you may wish to check out the unbeatable Sporting Heroes online encyclopaedia.  My Dad was actually photographing the game, and his picture of Keegan is indistinguishable from mine:

Magpies icon Kevin Keegan shows off those famous fiery fingers.

As for Leicester legend Lineker, Sporting Heroes only has him pictured in action the following season when his legs weren't quite as colourful as they were in 1982.  This is probably because his brother hadn't yet moved to Tenerife.

Gary went on to score 26 goals in 40 League games that season, to finish as the top-scorer in Division Two and lead Leicester to promotion.  Heady days indeed.

*the red tick and 'good' shows that even my teacher, Mrs Boyd, who was not a sports fan, recognizes their excellence.


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