A vegetative state

Apparently, 2012 has been such a terrible year for growing vegetables that UK supermarkets are relaxing their rules on how ugly their fresh produce (sorry, I typed 'poduce' and then realized that applied only to peas) can be.

Binned in 2011, these are now wholly acceptable in 2012.

At the same time, news comes forth of a man from Newark, Peter Glazebrook, who has had a bumper year growing ENORMOUS vegetables.

This is a normal-sized onion, but the man is tiny. (Image Copyright The York Press)

Now, this may seem to be stating the obvious, but if Mr Glazebrook can grow whoppers in a dismal summer, whilst everyone else's are wonky, can't we ask him to share a few of his secrets?  Or even just a few of his spuds?  Just think how much bubble and squeak you could make with a 37 kg cabbage!

Come on, David Heath MP, get it sorted!