Thoughts on a suicide

Further to my recent post about being on a train that hit and killed a man at Northallerton, and the callous response of some of my fellow passengers, I would like to advise them to read this article on the York Press website.

If they do so, they will quickly discover his name was Andrew Palmer, and that he was a former teacher, a volunteer with a conservation charity, and evidently not the selfish idiot they were so quick to proclaim him.

One colleague remembered Andrew as "a kind, hard-working, considerate person who would do anything for anybody. He was a gentle soul."

"He was a warm person," said another. "Really well-liked by everybody."

A third described him as "a warm and kind person who was always willing to help. He always seemed to have a smile for people and was very cheery.  He will be sadly missed."

Why Andrew decided to end his life, I don't know - an inquest has been opened - but it is desperately sad that he did.  Almost as sad is that people who knew nothing of his circumstances or personality were happy to condemn and judge him so thoughtlessly.  I'm sure with hindsight they would retract their comments.

[Footnote - further to the comment posted by Jan below, the blog post written by a friend of the girl who saw the train hit Andrew can be found here.]