Would ju bileeve it?

As an atheist randomonarchist with little interest in jingoistic flag-waving, I steadfastly avoided all the monarchical madness this long weekend.  I achieved this partly by playing a lot of cricket, and partly by hanging around in pubs with a Scotsman, and I can declare it a success.

I did miss this, though:

Thinking about it afterwards, I find it strange that, when it comes to the two big events of 2012, people seem a lot more pro-Jubilee than pro-Olympics.

The former features a woman being born into privilege and living a jolly long time, whilst the latter features all kinds of people from all over the world investing enormous amounts of their own time, money and effort into trying to become one of the best sportsmen or women they can be.

Fine, if you don't like sport then the London Games won't attract you, but you can at least admire the discipline and skill it takes to get there.  The Olympians' and Paralympians' rewards are hard-earned.  No-one could claim the same of royalty: it's simply given to you on a plate.

I know the Olympics is costing a fortune: I'm not convinced it is great value.  But at least it has aspirations of promoting physical well-being in the population, especially children.  It has ideals, even if they sometimes get confused, or corrupted.

So forgive me, Mrs Windsor, when I make no effort to celebrate your well-born longevity, and instead turn my attentions to something I actually give a toss about.  Something people like me can actually aspire to be involved in.