Why 1982 was the best year in UK pop music history

Because the Top 30 best-selling UK singles of the year included the following.

1. My favourite song of all time:

2. Tears for Fears' paean to mental breakdown:

3. An unbeatably wonderful slice of German electronica:

4. The fabulous Basildon bond of Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke:

5. The Jam getting deliciously malicious:

6. Some bloke from Wolverhampton dressed head to toe in denim:

7. Some bloke from London dressed head to toe in, well, a nightie:

8. The only number one by one of the best British bands of all time:

9. A century of haircuts, and a bit of extra love:

10. And another classic from Yazoo:

And, just for good measure, it also included these crazy pop classics:

I. A basil-flavoured song about a Monkee:

II. Seven Teutonic tears which flowed to number 1:

III. And of course, this piece of youthful musical exuberance:

So if you don't agree with me, I'm afraid you are wrong.  1982 rules!