Django Django: it's slacker diffle!

I heard 'Default' by Django Django on 6Music earlier this year and liked it very much, so I bought the album.  I liked the album very much, so when I saw the band was coming to Fibbers in York, I bought tickets to go and see them.

And though it was a million degrees Celsius in the venue, and though the sound system was a bit rubbish and far too heavy on the drum and bass levels, I enjoyed the show very much too.  Tracks like Storm, Wor, Hail Bop, and of course, Default, are all excellent.

I do enjoy the chorus, when they sing "Take one for the team, you are a cog in the machine, it's slacker diffle."  I assume slacker diffle is a new genre of music, perhaps combining disco and skiffle with a bit of indie slouching.

With only one album to their name, there was a limit to what they could play, and there's a bit of repetition to some of their weaker songs, but it's early days, and Django Django have plenty of talent.  They sound like a band that could go far.