Warsaw in my pocket

I speak no Polish, other than a couple of phrases and a very offensive term, so being in Poland for a couple of days I thought I should try and make an effort to acquire some basics.

I went online to learn a few Useful Polish Phrases, and was most amused to see that one of them was "Wyjdziesz za mnie?" or "Will you marry me?"  I was puzzled as to what circumstances this could be regarded as an essential sentence to learn.

But then I picked up Warsaw In Your Pocket in the hotel reception, and one of its basic phrases was "kocham ciÄ™" or "I love you," and I wondered if there was a theme developing.  Perhaps Poles were expecting immediate amorousness from their foreign visitors.

Or maybe it was lusty confusion.  Later in the same guide I read this:

"Those who visited Warsaw in the nineties... may have lingering memories of a seriously mucky city. With an estimated 1,500 brothels in operation the city established a reputation for hair palmed perverts."

In this evening's drizzle, all my colleagues and I wanted was a beer and a decent meal, and we found both.  But perhaps we were deluding ourselves, and looking for the wrong thing.  Our perhaps we just didn't palm our hair the right way.