Nil by mouse

I am tempting fate horribly here, especially as my family are coming to stay over Easter, but Cecil appears to have gone.  As far as I can tell, there is no longer a moose loose aboot this hoose:

We received the new trap (as mentioned in the previous instalment) but, before we had a chance to use it, H decided to give another technique a try: peppermint oil-infused cotton wool balls placed strategically around the ground floor.

I had never heard of this technique previously, and the first thing I knew about it was coming home to a house ABSOLUTELY REEKING OF MINT.  It was like being trapped inside a giant box of decongestants.

However, it appears to have worked.  Since the minty balls were laid out, no mouse has been seen.

Mice mind mint: who knew?

But, of course, now I've said that...