Damn you plastic envelope windows! Damn you!

I may be a wastrel* in many ways, but I like to recycle.  It is the right thing to do, and I get annoyed by individuals and organizations that don't recycle everything they can.

However, I get much more annoyed by these:

A window into hell.

No, not pens.  Envelopes with plastic windows.  I hate the fact that I have to remove them if I want to recycle the paper.

In the midst of an epic session of plastic window out-cutting tonight, I reached exasperation, and stopped.  I then typed "do i need to cut the plastic windows out of paper envelopes in order to recycle them?" into Google.

"Plastic windows aren't normally a problem for paper mills as the window can usually be screened out during the manufacturing process. Check your council’s recycling guidelines to see if you need to remove these," said Which?

"Hurrah!" thought I, and checked the York City Council recycling guidelines.

And perhaps inevitably, it said this:

"Yes Please - envelopes without windows"


*Which reminds me, I've always thought Mars should market mis-shapen Minstrels as Wastrels.