Snow bull warning

Ah, how I love it when it snows.  Especially in winter.  Oh to step outside in one of the months of the year when it is supposed to be cold, snowy and icy, and find that the weather is cold, snowy, and icy.  It lifts my spirit.

The 18.37 Transpennine Express service from Harrogate to Alaska.

Sadly, it seems there are many others for whom it doesn't.  People like Dick Lindley of Altofts, Normanton, West Yorkshire.  Mr Lindley is apparently upset and baffled by winter weather during the winter.  It's them 'green fanatics', telling us good, honest folk that, for global warming to exist, it should be hot all year round.

It probably doesn't help when national newspapers describe a few centimetres of snow and some near- or slightly sub-freezing temperatures as 'extreme weather'.  Especially when that self-same newspaper employs a chap whose opinions on climatology are, how shall we put it, confused?

It's February, it's Britain, it's quite chilly, and it's quite snowy.  It tells us nothing, except that the sensationalist media love sensationalism, confused theory-deniers love denying theories confusedly, and that lots of people love moaning about the weather.  Just get your sledge out and enjoy it, for peat's sake!

[Footnote added Feb 28th - a team of US and Chinese scientists have suggested that rapid melting of Arctic ice is actually responsible for increased winter snowfall in the Northern Hemisphere.]