Saniflo TV commercial 2012

So a badly-dubbed plumber turns up to a woman's house and before she can stop him, he starts clicking his fingers and turning every room in the house into a toilet.

 Saniflo television advert 2012

"What's that, missus?" he grins. "Don't like this utility room and its boring old ironing board?"

"Erm, well, erm, I'm not sure. I do use it sometimes, though I wouldn't mind a downstairs bathroom..."

"That's sorted then," he beams, clicking his fingers.  The ironing board his gone.  In its place, a shiny new bathroom.

Delighted with his work, off he marches upstairs, and into her bedroom.

"You didn't want any of these old clothes, did you?" smiles the maniac.  "No, I thought not. What you wanted was... another bathroom!"

And before she can stop him, he clicks his fingers again.  Another bathroom appears.

"Oh, erm, I did need some of those clothes for work tomorrow, but it does look quite nice. You can never have too many bathrooms, I suppose," she half-laughs to herself.

"Quite right," says the simpleton, still gurning like an X Factor contestant.  "You can have toilets everywhere!"

"Even in the basement?" she asks, wondering if her family will mind that she has swapped every single one of their belongings for plumbed-in ceramic fixtures.

Oh yes, even in the basement, comes the subliminal reply.  With a click of her own fingers, both the plumber and the bicycles are gone, never to be seen again.

An hour later, and every space in the house is plumbed in.

Saniflo - Who Needs Beds or Bikes or Baking Facilities When You've Got Bathrooms?