The Adventures of Hadrian's Mole

Possibly because I've never really grown up, I often come up with ideas for children's stories or characters.

Most recently, by combining the 30th anniversary of the appearance of Leicester's greatest (what do you mean only?) literary character, with my lifelong love of Henry's Cat, I came up with an excellent historic cartoon idea: Hadrian's Mole*.

Set in a two thousand year-old version of Leicester, Hadrian's Mole is the story of a burrowing soricomorph who travels the length and breadth of the Roman Empire (of central England), encountering trouble and confusion wherever he goes.

His sidekick is a rodent called Ratae, who, unlike HM (and unlike the TV version of his human counterpart), hails from the West Midlands.

Baths fit for a mole

All I have to do now is actually write some episodes.

(*I thought this was most amusing, and have to confess I had no idea that Castel Sant'Angelo, the mausoleum of the Emperor Hadrian in Rome, was known colloquially by the same name.)