Happy New York!

We live here:

We also live here:

It being the end of 2011, therefore, we decided to mash everything together into a New York New Year party.  It was a bit random and last-minute, but having plenty of North American friends here in North Yorkshire, a bit of cultural fusion seemed like a fun thing to try.

Neither of us having been to New York (excluding the fact I once waited for a connection in Newark airport), we were fortunate to have with us a stylish gentleman who recently had.  He furnished us with a model of King Kong climbing the Empire State Building, and a ghostly postcard of the New York city skyline.

We advised our guests we'd be making New York drinks, Yorkshire-style, which meant Manhattan and Cosmopolitan cocktails mixed in a Thermos, poured through a tea-strainer, and served in mugs. For food, we suggested they bring cheesecake, and one of our friends did just that:

Icing, fruit cake, cheddar: a new York cheesecake

I also thought we should offer a prize to the person bringing the biggest apple with them, but then forgot to tell anyone.  I was too distracted by the challenge of putting together a mixed York-New York playlist.

Whilst the city that never sleeps possesses rock icons and songs galore, Jorvik hasn't contributed very much to the world of sonic entertainment.  The late, great John Barry was born here (and, rather appositely, died in New York), and the band Shed Seven also calls it home, but that was about as far as I got.  It wasn't a balanced playlist, though I did enjoy stumbling upon this:

And with that, and lots of lovely friends, Yorkers and New Yorkers alike, we were able to celebrate a very Happy New Yea-ork.  Here's to 2012!