When white whales wandered White Rose waterways

From 'Yorkshire's Whaling Days' by Jack Dykes (1980):

"Before the Humber became heavily polluted, the smaller whales...penetrated high upstream.  In 1905, a beluga was captured in the Ouse near Naburn Lock, a few miles from York."

The beluga, or white whale (Delphinapterus leucas)

I have cycled over the Ouse at Naburn many times.  The notion of seeing a beluga there is almost too wonderful to imagine.

Postscripts (2014)

1. The Weekly News-Review from August 1905 provides a rather more detailed account of the beluga's appearance and demise.

2. The Guardian declares that in the 1880s, a narwhal also made its way up the Ouse to York!