Nobody's Diary, Part 2 - 16.09.01

16th September 2001, Birmingham

Yesterday's Telegraph 'Pub Talk' contained a fabulous article on what the ale house occupants of central Birmingham thought about Tuesday's events, and the mind-blowing stupidity on display just helps reinforce my nervousness about possible repercussions:

"Whoever's responsible and the country they are from should be wiped out because there's more there anyway. They are fanatics, these people."
  (The non-fanatical views of builder John Reilly)

Tony Hartigan, also a builder, said "Castrate the bastards. Let them feel pain. Let them bleed to death."

A well-informed Irishman said, "I reckon this is Saddam, not the man with the beard," whilst Patrick Mulvey, a retired factory worker, really summed up the deeper issues involved by noting that, "the evilest man of all time was Oliver Cromwell. He set fire to churches. He massacred the whole town of Drogheda."

Finally, a token Muslim opinion: "My father, he's 82. He's very religious and he went to Mecca two years ago. He just condemned it."