Notes to self

1. Sitting on a train going through Leeds, I saw a multi-storey car park offering special year-long deals. I thought to myself, Do Not Let Your Life Ever Degenerate To The Point That You Need A Season Ticket For A Car Park.

2. I don't practice the things I'm good at sufficiently to become really good at them. The main reason for this is that practising is a chore, and therefore those enjoyable things would become chores themselves, and I'd stop enjoying them.

3. I pride myself on a sense of navigation, which means I often end up navigating myself on a sense of pride, getting increasingly lost but refusing to ask someone local to put me right.

4. When it comes to getting funding for scientific research projects, being told to 'think outside the box' is all well and good, but what if you've never been in the box in the first place?  What if you're not even sure where the box is?

5. If your school days were the best days of your life, then you've wasted your life.