Yes Loans? No, thank you.

The phone rings.  I answer it.

"Hello, is that Robert?" says a man's voice.

"Sorry?" I reply.

"Is that Robert?" he persists.

"No, I'm afraid you've got the wrong number," I tell him, and prepare to hang up.

"Oh, I'm very sorry about that sir. I do apologize. I'm calling from Yes Loans, and if you've got five minutes we can get your application filled in and get your loan set up."

I think about this for a nano-second, and then decide that a loans company which is prepared to give out money to a person who hasn't asked them to call him, and who isn't even the person they thought they were speaking to, is almost certainly run by a bunch of cheeky twerps.  And probably not a very trustworthy bunch of twerps either.

"Er, no thank you," I tell him.  And I put the phone down.