The storming of the pastille

Never having played at Bournville during my time in Birmingham, it was quite exciting to get the chance to partake of a cricket match at Rowntree's ground on the Haxby Road.  With Rowntree's CC competing in the York Senior League, and Ovington in the York Vale League, such opportunities are scarce, so thank goodness for the Charity Cup.

The home team won the toss and put us into bat on a chocolate pudding of a wicket.  Inexplicably I was asked to open the batting with captain-for-the-evening, Chris Tune, and scratched around for a while, before being bowled, possibly by a Yorkie.

Luckily, Mr Tune was playing with plenty of panache, and in partnerships with Mike Noble and Steve Tremayne, got the scoreboard rattling along.  The Rowntree's bowlers took a bit of a Walnut Whipping, and a fair few shots found the Aeroial route to the boundary.  Chris's knock of 83 was pure Black Magic, and as a result, we finished on 191-8 off our 16 eight-ball overs.

We were, with a score of this Quality, Streets ahead of our expected total, and Rowntree's were always going to struggle in the gloaming, especially once it was After Eight.  Mike Noble skittled* a couple of Rowntree's batsmen early on, whilst Paul Mizon wreaked havoc at the other end, and a series of good Kit-Katches ensured that we came off the field looking like Smarties, recording a thumping 158-run Rolover.

And having successfully stormed the Fruit Pastille, we left to the sweet smell of success.  Or else it was just the aroma of minty Aeros drifting across the field from the factory over the road.

Ovington 191-8 (C. Tune 83)
Rowntree's 33 all out (P. Mizon 5-10, B. Busby 3-3)
Ovington won by 158 runs

*Skittles are not a Rowntree's product, and are not endorsed by this blog.