E-coli evolution

"E. coli outbreak is new strain" reports the BBC on the outbreak that has killed a small number of people in Germany and Sweden.  Either this is a newly evolved lineage of the bacterium, or God has created one to punish those people who like salad.

Whichever is true, I enjoyed the statement from the Health Protection Agency, that they were "at the beginning of the learning curve in terms of understanding what this means."  A simpler way of saying this would have been, "we haven't got a clue what this means."

I also enjoyed their advice that people "should not eat raw cucumber, lettuce or tomatoes and that they should seek medical advice if they have bloody diarrhoea."  Ignoring the blatant obviousness of the second part, I am left wondering if this means we now have to saute all our salads?  Hot lettuce, anyone?