ConDem nation

Well what a success the Tory-led government has been.  With one brilliant and widely lauded policy after another, David Cameron must be the greatest Prime Minister this country has ever had.  Just look at this litany of successes:

1. Cameron's and Caroline Spelman's plans to sell off England's forests were met with nothing but approval, and have now gone full-steam ahead into the legislature.

2. Cameron's and George Osborne's economic strategy has been universally acclaimed, and the country is now in extraordinarily rude financial health.

3. Cameron's and Andrew Lansley's proposed reforms to the NHS have been recognized as visionary by everyone in the country, and doctors are lining up to back them.  Lansley is one of the most popular people in Britain as a result.

4. Cameron's and David "Two Brains" Willetts' introduction of higher university tuition fees, reduced government funding for higher education, and increased competition, have been overwhelmingly supported by students and academics, most vociferously by the governing body of Cameron and Willetts' alma mater.

With all these accomplishments, and so many more to surely come, it is hard to foresee anything but joy and popularity for our glorious ConDem coalition.