Putting the 99 in 999

There are situations, such as this Saturday afternoon in Whitby, when we'd just finished a gruelling two-hour fivesome on the pitch 'n' putt course, when one NEEDS ice cream.

The competition hots up on the 14th tee of Whitby's West Cliff pitch 'n' putt course.

It is therefore a delight of the highest order to look up the street and see this vision of dairy deliciousness before you:

Seagulls, Captain Cook and Superb dairy ice cream. It's what Whitby is all about.

It is even better when one of your golfing companions mistakes the ice cream van for an ambulance, as this allows you to go off on a riff, imagining if ice cream vans were the fourth emergency service.  They look the part, they've got their own siren, and they can save the day.  Many a critical situation would be instantly improved by the arrival of an ice cream van, so it's surely about time that the 999 phone service was modified.

"Which emergency service do you require? Police, fire, ambulance or ice cream?"