Trust me, I'm a doctor...

A recent US news report has noted that food colourings may be making children hyperactive, and has suggested that they should be banned.  Indeed, in Australia, Aldi has announced it will be banning all artificial colours from the products it sells.

However, the western world has an increasing number of cases of childhood obesity, with lack of activity one of the primary causes.

If food colourings make children hyperactive, then, surely we should be encouraging kids to wolf them down, as the consequent hyperactivity will guarantee the kids burn up loads of calories and don't get fat?

I'm off to speak to Andrew Lansley and get him to support my scientifically foolproof plan...

Footnote: I also heard on the radio that another study has found that children who eat potatoes have a healthier diet than children who eat potato chips. Next, they will prove that children who eat fruit have a better diet than children who eat fruit pastilles.