Iran says London Olympic logo is "rubbish"

Iran has threatened to pull out of the 2012 London Olympics after declaring the official Games logo to be "absolutely rubbish."

A spokesman for the Iranian government announced yesterday that his country was seriously considering boycotting the event, claiming that the design was offensive.

"It is quite simply disgusting," said the spokesman. "It looks like it was sketched out after a night of heavy drinking in a trendy wine bar, and then rendered digitally using the graphic capabilities of a ZX Spectrum. Our reputation will be reduced to a laughing stock if we compete in stadiums where it is proudly displayed."

Another spokesman claimed that the company which produced the logo was "a Zionist organization linked to freemasons," but Coe-Astian Seb, a graphic designer based in London refuted this allegation.  "Wolff Olins are just shit," he said. "It's nothing more sinister than that."