Leicestrian cricket in Newfoundland

Yes, yes, I blog about this all the time over at Old Lost Sea, but what can I do? I am a cricket fanatic, particularly when the summer sun is shining.

Anyhoo, the St John's Cricket Club has become the first (and only) member of the newly inaugurated Cricket Association of Newfoundland & Labrador, and there is a surprising Leicester bias to the committee. Not content with having me as secretary, Cricket NL also has Glenn Richardson, who grew up in Braunstone and then Hinckley, as treasurer. He moved to Newfoundland from the UK this year so that he and his wife could raise their daughter in the midst of her family.

And then there's ex-City star Ian Marshall, who I first bumped into in a pub in St John's, and whom I've subsequently encountered on several occasions. Unfortunately, despite the positive-sounding tone of this article, published in the Leicester Mockery today, Ian hasn't actually attended any of the cricket practice sessions yet, and won't be able to play in the Twenty20 game mentioned. His soccer camps are too successful, and playing cricket is understandably pretty low on his list of priorities.

Watch this space, though. If we can get three people in LCFC shirts to make it onto the same Canadian cricket pitch, it will probably be some kind of record.