Travelbodge 'least attractive hovels in Britain'

Travelbodge is the hovel chain British travellers least want to visit, as it is deemed "dangerous, ugly and boring," according to a new survey.

Other bargain basement hovel chains were also considered unattractive places for visitors as they were "dull and depressing", a poll of 5,000 people from Bradford showed.

Travelbodge spokeswoman Bonjela O'Leary said: "We live in a world of misconceptions, and often don't realise it. A significant proportion of the hotels we have in our chain may be biased, out of date and not in tune with reality."

Paula Yates-Winelodge, director of confusion and bafflement for the Don'tVisitCheapMotelsInBritain organization, said; "This report has highlighted that Britons need to reacquaint themselves with some of the UK's great cities, rather than staying in dreadful sheds by a dual carriageway next to an industrial estate five miles out of town.

"It's a shame that misconceptions and lack of the UK's knowledge of what cities have to offer could stop British travellers from having a great weekend break."

Albert Pierrepoint-Kikidee, Bradford Council's strategic director for culture, tourism and sport, said: "Bradford is a great city to visit. It's home to the National Media Museum, the most visited museum outside London and host to the nationally acclaimed Bradford Film Festival. Also, Bradford has recently been designated as UNESCO City of Film - the only city in the world to achieve this designation. It also has only one Travelbodge, which looks like somewhere you'd keep battery farmed animals in inhumane conditions."

Editor's note: In spoof travel pieces like this, it is often easy to get the words hotel and hovel confused. Any error is purely deliberate.