A fakkin' disgrace of Olympic proportions!

Salt-of-the-earth Cockerney folk have reacted in shock and disgust at news that Pearly Kings and Queens and Chas 'n' Dave will not receive complimentary tickets to all events at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

"It's a fakkin' disgrace of Olympic proportions," bellowed self-proclaimed spokesman of Olde London Towne, Dick-Danny Dyer von Dyke.

"It really does my 'ead in when I 'ear about all these dirty European types comin' over 'ere with their heads full 'o gibberish and their funny foreign coins?" said Bella Bowes, jingoism reporter for the London Telegraph. " 'ow is poor ol' Mrs Mopp the charlady ever gonna get them stadiums clean if 80,000 Frenchies 'ave been soilin' 'em day after day?"

If Eliza Doolittle were alive today, she'd be spinning in her grave, gor blimey guv'nor and no mistakin'