Or maybe we're not screwed after all

I ranted about the nature of British public transport prices recently, decrying the expense of travelling by train. Today I returned to thetrainline.com for a final inspection of Aberdeen-Leicester ticket prices before reluctantly buying seats with FlyBe. And now, rather than having to pay £246 for two people, it was possible to make the journey for £181 less than that. £32 per person (plus a £1 booking fee) was not to be sniffed at, so I smelled it deeply. Then I clicked 'Purchase'.

Yes, it takes more than 8 hours, but what's that when the fate of humanity is at stake?

(Of course, as I am flying from Canada to the UK in order to travel to and from Aberdeen, it hardly matters whether I get an intra-national train. I'll have belched out so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere already that my carbon footprint will be stamped hugely across the low-lying regions of the world. Sorry world, looks like we might as well just call it quits.)