Movies on the small screen

I'm not a technophobe. I don't fear new technology. I'm using the interweb right now and I'm no more than 17% scared. Neither, however, am I a technophile. I don't want an iPhone or a plasma screen TV. I'm probably happiest listening to music on a hi-fi whilst reading a book*.

What often happens is that I eventually notice something might be good or fun or useful, and I sign up late. A mobile phone with a camera, for example. I'm not going to take 'proper' photos with it, but I recognize its value in capturing moments that would otherwise be unrecorded, such as hilarious** mishaps in the pub. It's certainly a lot easier to carry around than a digital SLR.

I am puzzled, though, by recent adverts from Sony Ericsson plugging their new phone as a fabulous medium for watching films. Forgive me for being a dingbat, but aren't movies known as The Big Screen? Aren't you supposed to be amazed and overwhelmed by enormous images and high-definition surround sound? Doesn't a tiny display completely defeat the purpose, or am I simply not enough of a technophile to recognize its genius?

Look at me! I'm almost invisibly small!

*Is there a term for someone who is a bit interested in technology but not really that bothered? A technovague, perhaps?

**Which often lose much of their hilarity overnight, and have to be quietly deleted. Except for that time I was walking along a quiet street in Aberdeen with some equally tipsy friends and a Christmas tree suddenly dropped out of the sky.