Bleeding love? Bleeding heart, do-gooder celebs, more like

The stories on the MSN News website are normally about as interesting as a wet Sunday in Grimsby, but today I saw this:

Leona Lewis saves rabbit from tramp

How could I not click on the link? How could I not want to find out more? But now I have, I can only say I am disgusted. It's just another example of one rule for pop stars and another for the homeless.

If Enrique Iglesias wanted to eat a rabbit, no-one would stop him. Rabbit is an integral part of many versions of paella, one of Iglesias' favourite* meals. If Craig David chose to buy a hare, possibly for consumption by his beloved kestrel, no-one would intervene.

But Leona Lewis sees a Californian vagrant with a bunny on a lead, and when he tells her he'll probably eat it, she weeps like an Italian footballer and begs him not to. Throwing $100 at him, she seizes the poor darling bunny-wunnikins and takes it back to her porn star mansion.

The tramp now has $100 to burn, but no dinner. Miss Bleeding Love exhorts him to use the money to buy some food, but he will do no such thing. He will trudge off to the nearest off licence and get a trolleyful of cheap booze.

A man down on his luck was finally about to get his first decent, nutritious, protein-rich meal in weeks, then some jumped-up prima donna swiped it off him and condemned him to die of cyrrhosis. I hope you're happy Lewis, I really do.

*he loves Stilton meringue pie most of all, but paella is a close second.