A furious swarm of wasps upon thee

There are some things I miss about the UK, and many things I don't. The media (in some generic sense) are one of the latter. Listening to Radio 2 on the internet, an ad for The Apprentice came on. I care nothing for the show, but it's existence doesn't trouble me greatly. I don't have to watch it. However the ad exasperated me and made me despair in pretty much equal measure. The gist of it was an exhortation to:

"Follow the show online and vote live on who you think will get voted off the show this time!"

I'm sorry, but this is fuckwittery of the highest order, encouraged by some dust-brained executive in the BBC hierarchy. I know there are people out there who want to vote live on the outcome of a later vote in the very show they're watching, but there are also people out there who think Craig David is a talented musician, or that David Cameron is an interesting politician, or that Simon Cowell is a brilliant man. Pandering to such idiocy is unforgivable, and should only be carried out by idiots. The BBC are not idiots, so why do they feel the need to do it?

The only thing I can hope is that it's a devious scheme whereby the addresses of those who do vote are recorded on a secret database. At dead of night, a crack team of highly trained lunatics are then sent round to these houses, and use reverse-powered vacuum cleaners to blast angry wasps through the letterboxes in furious swarms.