7 Things

In response to encouragement from the musician, DJ, web designer, T-shirt manufacturer, cryptozoologist*, and all-round friend-of-the-stars, Mr Stefan Goodchild, here are 7 things that would be unknown to 'my readers':

1. I have played in two cup finals at the world's most northerly international cricket ground.

2. As a small boy, I projectile vomited into the lap of an unknown man as I walked down the aisle of a Spanish holiday charter plane.

3. Through my occasional articles for the newsletter of the Palaeontological Association, I was responsible for the googlewhacks 'brachiopod shirtsleeve' and 'cricketing tunicates'.

4. My great-great-uncle, Linton Foulds, was British ambassador to Ecuador and apparently has a likeness in the National Portrait Gallery.

5. The poet Roger McGough had to stand on a box in order to be photographed with me.

6. I have named three species of fossil starfish.

7. For some months, until their editors proved I wasn't 'notable', I was listed between Lady Jane Grey and Emile Heskey on the Wikipedia page for 'Famous People From Leicester'. The joke biography, written by a friend of mine, kicked around long enough to even make it into print, although the book is rather inexplicable.