Djinn-soaked ramblings

I received the email below a couple of days ago. I am baffled and concerned by it, and can only find rambling nonsense within it, so I probably run the risk of unleashing a great army of lunatics upon myself by posting it here. However, I am prepared to take that risk.

As far as I can see, a man has taken some terrible photos on his phone and thinks they represent spirits or demons or djinns or something. All I can see are terrible photos of nothing much, but I'm not an expert in the field. For a start, I don't even know anything about 'pareidolia'...


First of all I must apologize for sending this email to you. My name is Mr. Abdul Rahman and I am an Aircraft Engineer. I got your email from the internet and I am truly sorry if my email is bothering you. I have been trying to find someone that can help me in my research to the creatures that I have discovered. Actually I don't know who to approach to help me with this discovery. The images of the creatures I took cannot be a Pareidolia because of different background color and shape. Pareidolia only supported if either the color or shape of the background is almost the same as the mysterious image i.e images in cloud or trees.

I am suggesting researcher to carry out a research to invent a proper camera which can capture the image of these unseen creatures. I don't believe in fairy tales and I only believe in real creatures, otherwise I would have sought help from ghost hunters or paranormal mediums. No, I am more interested to find fact, thus the only people who I believe can help me are the people from the university.

My hand phone ability to capture these paranormal images which I have discovered accidentally is a crude way of carrying out the task. Only with a properly designed camera can the images be taken clearly.

As for the origin of these creatures, I have no idea. I don't know what they are made of. My theory is that these creatures may have the ability to control humans mind causing hysteria, possession, suicide and mass killing and so on. Most scientists believe these behaviors were caused by chemical reaction in the brain. But then something must have triggered it. Due to stress? It could be true, but how come most very stressed people are not affected with possession and hysteria? I need scientist to help me with the research and all I know is that these creatures are what people have identified as ghosts or demons. A good example is in the case of a German girl named Anneliese Michel (Emily Rose) but sadly skeptics called her parents and priests liar and they were sent to jail because of her death and the poor girl was thought to be insane. May be if these skeptics get possessed then they will learn the truth.

People may laugh and think my email and website is funny and nonsense but the day they or their daughter or son meet the same fate as the German girl Anneliese Michel, they won’t think this is funny anymore..

I feel that we should look into these creatures more seriously as their existence can be seen by a camera, just like germs can be seen with a microscope. What if one day these creatures manage to possess a million humans at a same time? Do not think this is a hoax, it is not. I know it sounds silly but please don't ignore me. I have tried contacting every universities but none has responded positively. Some even insulted me and accusing me of spamming. I am not advertising or selling a product here, I am seeking help to find a scientist who is willing to assist me. Please read my website and what I am telling is all true and I need scientist to verify it. I even offer US$10,000 to anyone who can proof the pictures I took are fake. Some people from the universities believe this is a scam. I am not offering them the money, the challenge is only for those skeptics. If you think this is a scam, well, forget about the money then, just do the research. James Randi, world famous Skeptic offers $1,000,000 to prove supernatural/ghost is real, and why don’t people call him a scammer? He refused to accept my challenge. Please read his email to me in my website.

Some people were also asking why I can afford to pay $10,000 and can’t afford to buy a website. The money is not all from me, it is sponsored by generous people. And why should I want to waste money buying a website if a free one is available? Do you think a scammer will use free website? I can’t believe these people are reacting that way.

I am not trying to promote a religion here. I am just trying to share important information. Hopefully we all can find the truth about these creatures. Below is the website. Thank you for willing to read my email and again I sincerely apologize if this email is bothering you.

Best Regards

Abdul Rahman
Brunei Darussalam"