Blow your own Trump-pit

A terrifying headline appeared on the front page of the Aberdeen Evening Express last week:


The article appeared to be arguing that, as the oil industry wasn't going to sustain Aberdeen for many more years, the city's future lay with Donald Trump's proposed golf course and hotel complex up near Balmedie.

I don't think I've ever seen such a depressing lack of ambition. If Donald Trump was my future, I'd go away to a darkened room and shoot myself. Thankfully, he's not, but if the people of the Granite City believe him to be their saviour, then we truly are in desperate times. How a development staffed primarily by cleaners, waiters and receptionists can possibly replace an industry full of skilled engineers, geoscientists, economists and technicians is utterly beyond me. If this is the mindset of Aberdeen's so-called leaders, we might as well be done with it and blow the city up right now.