Of primary importance

The actual event is still quite a long way off, so we're in for a rather drawn-out build-up, but the US presidential election is interesting for once. Electing a clueless dolt twice in succession was a dreadful mistake (suggesting that, if democracy really is the best political system, perhaps we should just abandon it), but this time there is a chance for change. There also seems to be an appetite for change, at least in some parts of the US, which is encouraging.

Now I've said that, John McCain will probably win, but at least he'd be a distinct improvement on Dubya. Hopefully, however, we'll get the first female or the first black American president. The question then is, who would be the best option? Hillary Clinton clearly has lots of experience but, in terms of global impact, perhaps Barack Obama would be better. In a world seemingly riven by racial and religious tension, a black male might be preferable to a white female, especially one so indelibly linked to previous administrations. I know it should really come down to each candidate's personal qualities, rather than their race or gender, but given the whites-only history of American presidencies, maybe Obama would be the most revolutionary choice, and the greatest potential force for good. We'll just have to wait and see...