I don't wanna work on Maggie's farm

Playing poker on Friday night, the conversation wandered (apropos of nothing much) onto the topic of "who should be Prime Minister instead of Gordon Brown?" Immediately and apparently entirely seriously, two of the lads piped up with 'Margaret Thatcher', and I almost spat my beer across the table in disgust and shock. The thought of reinstating a regime of such dedicated self-interest, greed and avarice is horrific, yet clearly there are many, many people out there who hark back to those golden years, including people far too young to remember her.

One of the lads redeemed himself shortly afterwards by changing his suggestion to that of the late, great Mo Mowlam, but the damage was done. OK, so New Labour are fairly indistinguishable from the Conservatives, but going back to life under Thatcherism doesn't bear thinking about