Ten thousand spoons when all you want is a knife

Sitting in a restaurant with some oil industrial friends, talking about people (mostly engineers) who'd lost fingers in accidents. A pause in conversation, and one of the guys asks for a beer. The waiter gets one out of the fridge, drops it on the floor, then gives it to the guy who asked for it. He refuses it - "If I open it, it'll explode and take my fingers with it!" - and a conversation arises about the irony of losing a finger in an accident whilst talking about accidents in which people had lost fingers. Predictably, I pipe up with a comment about how little Alanis Morrissette understood irony.

Later, having crossed the road to the pub over the street, the conversation returned to the topic. Upon which, the giant TV screen begins playing the video of "Ironic" by aforementioned Canadian warbler. The irony of discussing irony and the nature of how non-ironic the examples of irony used by Ms Morrissette are, only for "Ironic" to start playing in the background, is possibly a little too ironic. Sadly, the lyrics don't scan very well