April 25th

April the 25th is a marvellous day, because it is my birthday. This year it is particularly noteworthy as it marks my 30th birthday, so hurrah and huzzah for me not having died in three decades. I checked the interweb and discovered that some other fine people were born on April 25th as well. They include:

Oliver Cromwell (Lord Protector of England, puritan, born in 1599, died in 1658, September)
Guglielmo Marconi (1874, invented sound)
Ella Fitzgerald (1917, famous Irish woman)
Al Pacino (1940, ice cream salesman and sharp shooter)
Bjorn Ulvaeus (1945, not the blonde or the brunette from ABBA)
Johan Cruyff (1947, famous for turning)
Fish (1958, had a big 1980s hit that mentioned Belsize Park)
Hank Azaria (1964, yellow cartoon man's voice)
Andy Bell (1964, impersonator of Alison Moyet)
Renee Zellweger (1969, impersonator of British women)
Monty Panesar (1982, famous for spinning)

They're all coming round to my house tonight for the best dinner party ever.