A new academic year starts and the influx of students hits you like a tsunami. After weeks of campus being deserted, instantaneously it is awash with people. Just when you've gotten used to having the library to yourself or not having to join a scrum when buying a newspaper, the hordes flock back into town. And then, when you've become accustomed to the crowds, exam time kicks in and everyone vanishes. Can we not arrange the timetables so that half the student population are here from October to April and the other half from April to October? It would help the local economy, as there would be a more constant supply of customers all year round (as opposed to being deserted half the time, then over-run the rest), it'd enable lectures and practicals to be run with more manageable groups, and it would help to free up more rented accommodation. But everyone loves their long summer holidays, so it's never going to happen.