The Pub & Party Songbook

I'm back in Aberdeen now, but my rucksack is still travelling the air routes of Europe. Maybe it'll arrive one day, or maybe it'll be blown up by the Army because they think the fossils in it are tiny bombs made of Cambrian sandstone.

One of the things that struck me most during my time in Stockholm was that the Swedes love to sing whilst they drink. Some of them know the words to lots of songs, but for those whose lyrical memory is poorer there are song books, rather like hymnbooks. However, the songs are traditional odes to schnapps, beer, friends and loves rather than religious dirges. One of the books I saw even had a selection of songs in English, from Greensleeves to Elvis to Monty Python, and it struck me just what a good idea it would be to produce a British equivalent.

So now all I need to do is figure out which fine ditties should be included. The songs should be the sort that can be easily sung along to, mostly fairly short, and hymns should be avoided it at all possible. That said, I'm prepared to include things like Jerusalem since it's a tune I like. I shall spend the weekend giving the matter some more thought (and hoping my lost bag turns up)...