Sönny Stöckhölm

Well it's two weeks since my last post and the World Cup is all water under the bridge. I'm in Stockholm and it's warm and sunny, although I can see some dark clouds through the window. The Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet where I'm working for a month is in a lovely* location to the north of the city, with the Brunnsviken lake-fjord thing to the west and the Ekoparken all around. It's quite curious having deer and Highland cattle meandering about outside your office window.
(*as long as you ignore the dual carriageway)

I arrived late last Wednesday night and, after managing to find a security guard to give me the keys to my accommodation in the Black Villa, I discovered I couldn't get into my room. It was too late for me to care, so I slept on the floor outside. Not the most comfortable night's sleep I've ever had, but with the help of a man with a master key I managed to get in the next day so I've had a bed ever since.

I've not seen much of Stockholm yet, and there's still plenty of the museum/university area to explore, but I can make the following observations:
1. Swedish women are not that stunning. They're not bad, but I've not been bowled over by their extraordinary beauty. That they are often very blonde cannot be questioned, but I suspect this serves to confuse the eye of the hot-blooded male, who sees only the golden glow and not the plain face. There don't seem to be many really ugly girls though, so that might help the national reputation.
2. Sweden isn't that expensive. Alcohol is a bit pricey, but when you compare most things with English prices there's not much difference.
3. Everyone I've meet has been very friendly and helpful and (unsurprisingly) spoken almost faultless English. It's much better than being in Scotland, ho ho!
4. They do play cricket in Sweden, just not very much.
5. Erm, that's about it.

I'm going back to the Black Villa for my tea now, but I shall be back once I've done something other than sift through the palaeozoology collections of the museum...