The Arctic Formbys

In a slightly drunken pub conversation a couple of months back, I realised just how much the Arctic Monkeys seemed to be paying tribute to the late, great George Formby.

OK, so he was a Lancastrian and they're from Sheffield, but there's something in both the form and lyrical content of their songs that is extremely reminiscent of the cheeky chappy. In fact, when you sing an Arctic Monkeys track in the vocal style of Mr. Formby and pretend you're playing a banjolele, you really can't tell it's not one of his. Try it, it's quite impressive.

The Arctic Monkeys in Newcastle, 2006.

So I've decided to set up a tribute act. Four blokes carrying ukeleles will come onto stage in suits, with Brylcreemed hair, say 'Hey hey!' to the audience, and then and belt out a selection of the finest songs you could hope to hear.

"I Bet That You Look Good Cleaning Windows" will be one, followed perhaps by "When The Sun Goes Down The Old Coal Hole", and soon the crowd will be going mental.

Ladies and gentlemen........The Arctic Formbys!