Is Boudicca buried in Birmingham?

No. She isn't. Or at least, there isn't any evidence at all to suggest she is. But the media don't let that get in the way of a good story, certainly not our good friends on the BBC website:

So, although the archaeologists make it clear that there really isn't anything to connect Boudicca/Boudicea/Bodacious/Big Bad Bod with Birmingham, the story happily follows the ramblings of a crackpot local councillor and ponders whether she might be found beneath McDonald's in King's Norton. I'd love it to be true, but in fact the Queen of the Iceni is under the floorboards of my mate Rob's house, 32 Frances Road, Cotteridge, B30 3DX. If anyone wants to go round and have a look, he'll be only too happy to show you.

P.S. Can we expect to see hordes of centurions piling through the drive-thru in chariots?