Polar bears

I stumbled upon another stuffed animal research project, the title of which ("nanoq: flat out and bluesome") suggested a pretentiousness akin to that of the Blue Antelope Collective. However, having examined the project in a bit more detail it actually looks quite interesting, undoubtedly more so than that produced by the BAC. That said, I've not read the essays in the accompanying book yet, so if they're full of the same type of vacuous babblings I shan't hesitate to rant and ridicule.

The exhibition opens at the Horniman Museum, London this weekend, and there have been a few reports on it in the press. The most entertaining story to me was that in the Guardian, as it was illustrated with a photo of a fabulously bad bit of taxidermy from Fyvie Castle, Aberdeenshire. There, half a polar bear is to be found frozen mid-pounce over a bemused seal. The half-bear is moderately realistic, but, with its funny eyebrows and curious expression, the seal looks more like an old man. The scene could also be submitted very easily to Viz's "Up The Arse Corner".